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Administering Care for Your Generator

Don’t wait until the expensive machinery breaks down to care for your generator. Power House values the idea that timely, responsible maintenance of your generator keeps it in prime performing condition. So keep us on speed-dial even for non-emergencies, or simply sign up with our PowerProtect program, which includes routine inspections and an annual 360° service.

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Inspections & Services

Empower your generator’s performance with regular inspections that help spot potential complications early. Power House offers A Type and B Type inspections, scheduled on a quarterly or bi-annual basis. Once a year, we perform a major, all-around service. All maintenance services are performed by our licensed professionals, after which we provide you with a detailed report.


Load Testing

Generators are complex pieces of modern machinery with advanced technology. An incorrect fit to any facility greatly diminishes its ability to kick into high gear on demand. Hospitals are therefore required to pass a 3-year, 4-hour load test, and experts recommend the same for commercial users. Power House performs onsite load tests using heavy-duty external heaters, ensuring compliance as well as overall generator health.


Emergency Repairs

No matter if you rent or own your generator, a power failure directly affects your business. Power House is here to help you get back online as soon as possible. In time of emergency, we jump in with an expert repair crew and a rental generator, if needed. We perform all necessary repairs onsite to get your generator back to proper working order quickly and allow you to return to business as usual with minimal interruptions.

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