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Whether you’re in need of an intermediate generator between installations or are looking for a reliable power source onsite, Power House has the wattage and the wisdom to equip you with the right-sized rental machinery at a moment’s notice. Our turnkey solutions also include expert repair services that help you bounce back from power and generator failures.

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Critical Care

While power can be a literal matter of life or death for the critical care industry, more than 75% of all nursing home facilities are still in the midst of upgrading their outdated generator units. Power House offers a full line of generator rentals ranging from 30kw to 1mw. Our rentals are highly reliable and viable for use for the entire duration of the upgrade and installation.


Onsite Power

Builders, developers, and general contractors need reliable power onsite to stay competitive and meet their tight deadlines. The Power House generator rental lineup  includes small- to mid-sized power sources that are designed and rated for outdoor use. These maintain an element of portability, making them uniquely suited to the  construction industry. We’ll help you choose the generator suited to your needs.


Planned Outages

Don’t let a storm bring your business to a halt. Whether in preemption of bad weather or following power outages due to natural disasters, Power House provides emergency response power supply services to commercial and industrial users. Our installation professionals conduct a review of your facility’s power consumption, and then provide and install the right generator for the job.




Choose a short-term generator rental from Power House, to amply power your pop-up shop or outdoor corporate, charity or celebratory event. Available in a large variety of sizes and power capacities, our portable rentals can provide plenty of power on location, indoors and out. Contact a Power House specialist today. We’ll be happy to assist you in identifying the generator you need and setting up on time.

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